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Come True (2021)

Come True (2021)6.8

Mar. 12, 2021Canada105 minutaUnrated
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10 1 glas

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Opis filma

High school student Sarah is at her lowest point when she runs away from home and finds herself with no one to rely on and struggling with recurring nightmares. She chances upon a university sleep study that offers the promise of safety and money, and which also brings her an unexpected friend and confidant in the overseeing scientist Jeremy. But there’s something curious about proceedings, and being under observation seems to make Sarah’s disturbing dreams even worse. As the darkness begins to close in, it’s soon clear that Sarah has unknowingly become the conduit to a horrifying new discovery…

Come True (2021)
Come True (2021)
Come True (2021)
Originalni naslov Come True
IMDb Ocena 6.8 497 glasova
TMDb Ocena 6.5 2 glasova

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